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Careful financial planning can secure the future of your business and your family. Neal & Co Financial Services is regulated by the FCA and advises on investments, insurances and savings alongside business services such as succession planning and corporate financial planning.

No two clients are the same. Some may want to delegate all of their financial decisions to a professional and benefit from full 360 degree financial planning. Others will be keener to take a DIY approach to their investments, but use an expert to check the accuracy and appropriateness of the information and plans they have made. Increasingly, we find people look for a collaborative approach or require advice in a particular area.

However you like to work with us, you can rest assured of a friendly, professional, confidential and tailored approach to your financial planning requirements. 

For you

Life is punctuated by big financial events: buying a home, starting a family, educating children, planning a wedding, becoming grandparents, retiring and living happily ever after.

Most of us will experience some or all of these events during our lifetime, and effective financial planning can help make sure they are not big financial shocks. Working with you, we can put together a plan to make sure you have the money and resources you need at different stages of your life.

Our personal financial planning services include: 

  • Mortgages: saving for a deposit; choosing the right mortgage and the best way to pay it over the years
  • Investments: planning for the long term; capturing the returns of the stock market and building a portfolio that works for you
  • Savings: holidays, weddings and big occasions – making it affordable

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For your family

From helping protect the lifestyle you have built up, supporting your children through their education and beyond and ensuring you have the time and wherewithal to spend the time you’d like with your children and grandchildren, Neal & Co’s financial planning team can advise on strategies and products that let you make the most of family life.

We can advise on: 

  • Personal protection policies and life insurance: making sure your family is protected if the worst happens to you
  • Income protection plans: a financial safety net in times of need
  • Personal health insurance and critical illness cover
  • Savings for children: get them into good habits at an early age
  • Trust funds: building up capital for your children’s future


For the future

Planning for retirement has never been more important. We can work with you to ensure your plans are on track to give you the kind of retirement you want, and that they’re flexible enough to weather any changes that life throws at you.

And after a long and happy retirement, you’ll want to ensure as much as possible is passed on to future generations. We can help with tax planning strategies which complement your overall objectives and make sure your money goes to the people who matter most – your family, friends and causes that are dear to your heart.

Ask us about:

  • Pensions: investing wisely to build a pot that supplements the state provision and the pension you receive from your employers or business.
  • Retirement planning: ensuring you can retire when you want to; how and when to take your retirement benefits
  • Inheritance tax planning: effective tax mitigation strategies to ensure that more of your money ends up in the hands of your loved ones.
  • Long term care planning


For your business

Owner managed and family businesses are some of our oldest and most important clients. Their fortunes and finances are closely interwoven with the individuals who own them, so it’s imperative that they form part of your overall financial strategy.

We can help maximise the tax efficiency of your business, and ensure that plans are in place to enable it to continue if you or your business partners pass away or become too ill to carry on working.

After all, it is not just your family who stand to lose if your business falters in your absence, but your employees too.

We can help with:

  • Corporate financial planning
  • Succession planning
  • Key man insurance